Laurie Frazier

Laurie Frazier
Maven of Moksha

Laurie is a Spiritual Life Coach, Chopra Certified Instructor and Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor. She has a degree in Theology from Boston College. She is a curator of all things beautiful and wise. Her purpose is to assist you in the evolution of your Soul through understanding, accepting, and transcending your life’s circumstances through moksha/emotional freedom.

“If you are going through something traumatic, challenging, or heart-wrenching and can’t make any sense of it, I can assist you. I believe there is meaning and purpose in ALL things. I believe that our Soul is a request for all circumstances, experiences, and people that come into our lives. It is all for one reason and one reason only—to advance the evolution of your Soul—and simply make you a better human! We are here to learn, grow and move through it all, so we don’t keep creating the same thing over and over with different people, places and situations.

Your perspective and the lens through which you view the world, will have more impact and make more of a difference on your quality of life, than just about anything else. Let me assist you in creating a new paradigm for your life by letting go of your past, along with heavy emotions of shame, guilt, fear, anxiety and grief, thus clearing the space for something new to arise by becoming a conscious creator of your life!”

Moksha: Moksha is a Sanskrit Sutra that means, “I am emotionally free”. It also means liberation, nirvana and self-realization and self-knowledge. It is the goal of life in the Eastern Vedic tradition. The idea is that when we are able to release heavy and negative emotions, limiting beliefs, grudges, and unforgiveness and are accountable for and make peace with our past, then happiness, peace, joy, bliss and freedom is our natural state that arise within us. We are then FREE to create a life that we love and our lives become more effortless and magical That’s Moksha.


Bringing Peace, Passion & Purpose to Mind, Body & Spirit

Laurie offers Spiritual Retreats, One on One Personal Coaching and Corporate Coaching.