Onyx Charm Bracelet


Balance your root chakra, overcome your worst phobias, and block out all forms of negative energy simply by wearing our beautiful Onyx Charm Bracelet.

Adorned with natural Onyx beads, the Triquetra, Pentagram, and the Tree of Life, this bracelet is both strikingly beautiful and remarkably powerful.

Black goes with everything so mixing and matching with all your favorite outfits will be an easy task.


  • ONYX

is a powerful protection stone that helps to absorb and transform negative energy and aids in the development of emotional and physical strength and stamina. Onyx is a powerful blocker against all forms of negative energy and is a great balancer for the root chakra. Great in strengthening the mind to make difficult decisions and improving overall mental focus. It is also well known for it’s innate ability of neutralizing fear and overcoming phobias. Onyx is also excellent in repairing old wounds and past life issues along with improving sleep patterns and boosting energy.



Tree of Life 3/4”

Pentacle & Triquetra 5/8”

9 stone beads 5/16″

Onyx 8 1/2″

Metal: Pewter

Made in USA

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Sold By: Unicornucopia - What Dreams May Come
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