Handmade Copper & Chrysocolla “Earth Seed” Necklaces


Another GORGEOUSAWESOME masterpiece handcrafted by the GORGEOUSAWESOME masters!!!!

Our ornate collection of Handmade Copper & Chrysocolla “Earth Seed” Necklaces is a wardrobe MUST HAVE!!!

The copper is entirely worked and woven for several hours by hand to ensure superior quality.

A single Chrysocolla stone is nestled inside a darling copper setting and affixed to a top quality leather chord.

Raise your consciousness, and connect with Mother Earth. Make better choices for her well being. Buy earth friendly cleaning supplies from companies that care about the environment. Make sure you recycle. Buy organic!!! WE VOTE EVERY DAY WITH OUR DOLLARS. Support local farmers, artists, and businesses. Our belief is that populating the Earth with enough of these unrivaled stones will help to enhance global consciousness and awareness, (think the movie, AVATAR.)

Note: Random Selection, our choice.


comes with a vast array of emotional and physical healing properties. This stone has been used for those suffering from Anxiety, Depression, feelings of guilt, and hyper kinetic movement. It can aid women by reducing menstrual cramps and aid 1st time mother’s in pregnancy by reducing the many stresses brought about by motherhood. Chrysocolla helps in the regulation of the thyroid and adrenal glands, henceforth, it is great for Laryngitis, Diabetes, and lung problems. It has been known for it’s strange ability to of encouraging people to stay at home to benefit those who have wandering temperaments and never stay fixed to one place. People in the music and tech industry find much use in Chrysocolla. Certain forms of Chrysocolla can help musicians experience sound more clearly and software engineers to calm their analytical minds. These stones stimulate the throat chakra to boost communication and self-expression.

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