Handmade Copper, Amethyst, & Green Calcite Necklace


Offering you another grand masterpiece from the GORGEOUSAWESOME artisans!!!

Our Handmade Copper, Amethyst, & Green Calcite Necklace is a guaranteed trendsetter!!!

This one of a kind natural beauty is created, shaped, and completely manufactured by hand to ensure top quality.


Is one of the most common crystals and is known for it’s powerful healing and protective properties. Amethyst is used by thousands to help stimulate the production of hormones, improve mental sharpness, harbor negative emotions, cleanse the blood and aura, activates the heart and throat chakras, and much much more. This amazing stone can be placed under a pillow to help improve sleep patterns and filter out bad dreams. When used in energy grids, Amethyst can direct positive energy to you or redirect negative energy away from you. They stone has been known to reduce bruising and heal diseases of the digestive tract, heart, and lungs. It has also been used in treating hearing disorders, removing parasites, and removing physical, emotional, and psychological pain.


is known for bringing about positive changes in your daily life and encouraging forgiveness in oneself and others through its stimulation of the Heart chakra. It aids in improving memory, boosting the immune system, and is useful in providing protection against ailments related to the bones, ligament, and joint tissues. Green Calcite is also known to help with dropping bad habits and perceiving things differently to steer you in the right direction when making difficult life decisions.

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