Genuine White Quartz Point Lamp


Bask in the beauty and swim in the natural energy that flows from our one of a kind Genuine White Quartz Point Lamp.

A perfect touch to any room, this quaint beautiful lamp captures the natural beauty of it’s 7″ point White Quartz crystal in a glowing display of color, and showers your spaces with brilliant luster and varying clear to white, translucent hues.

Dance in the energy that flows from these White Quartz beauties and harness the power and numerous positive health benefits they provide.

Our natural gemstones are all unique with their own colors, shapes, characters, flaws, and formations, therefore each lamp is uniquely it’s own, mounted on a wooden base pedestal.

The massive point is securely fastened to a wooden base manufactured with 3 curved stylish bevel cutouts to allow for your lamp cord to easily fit through and sit firmly on any flat surfaces.


is considered to be the most powerful gemstone in the mineral world. Clear Quartz alleviates symptoms of migraines, motion sickness, and vertigo. It has also been known to improve metabolism, help with weight loss, and alleviate exhaustion. This amazing stone also works wonders to remove toxins, correct disorders of the digestive tract, bladder, and kidneys. Like an emotional tuning fork, Clear Quartz improves patience and perseverance, increases energy levels, and makes it easier to laugh, love, and live with all things in life in perfect harmony.



Height: 4 1/2 – 5 1/2″

Base: 1 ” x 3 1/2″

Cord is UL approved.


1 7” White Quartz Point Lamp

1 socket

1 cord

1 bulb

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