Flourite Charm Bracelet


Balance your 3rd chakra and and stimulate your “3rd eye” simply by wearing our fantastical and fashionable Fluorite Charm Bracelet.

This bracelet is adorned with elegant Fluorite beads, the Pentagram, the Triquetra, and the Tree of Life.

Fancy, stylish, fashionable, and above all, AFFORDABLE!!!


Is primarily known as a healing crystal but has several other unique properties. Fluorite helps in balancing the 3rd chakra, filtering out negative energy, and eliminating negative thoughts from your mind. The green helps in cleansing and purifying the heart and blood and the purple aids in connecting with your inner-self by stimulating the “3rd eye”chakra for ultimate introspection, meditation, and spiritual expansion. This stone is excellent in stimulating the creative process making it easier to power through difficult work assignments or tedious home improvements. Writers, artists, and other creative thinkers can find great use in eliminating “writer’s block” or developing new ideas just by keeping a Fluorite stone in their presence.



Tree of Life 3/4”

Pentacle & Triquetra 5/8”

9 stone beads 5/16″

Hematite 8 1/2″

Metal: Pewter

Made in USA

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