Classic Glass Crystal Ashtrays


Shop our vast selection of Classic Glass Crystal Ashtrays, offered in 25 amazing styles and colors.

Great for home and office decor and entertaining friends and guests.

The craftsmanship in the glass and the ornate designs make these ashtrays wonderful in decorating all your favorite spaces.

Select between classic clear glass, gorgeous floral patterns, ocean scapes, ocean life, and many more!!!


  • Dimensions: 10cm × 12cm
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10 cm10 cm-1010 cm-1110 cm-210 cm-310 cm-410 cm-510 cm-610 cm-710 cm-810 cm-912 cm12 cm-1312 cm-1412 cm-1512 cm-1612 cm-1712 cm-1812 cm-1912 cm-2012 cm-2112 cm-2212 cm-25Custom version 10 cmCustom version 12 cm
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Additional information

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