Carnelian Pendulum Bracelet


Carnelian is a beautiful gemstone with beaming, red and orange hues, and astounding health and wellness properties.

The vibrant luster of this amazing gemstone and the uniqueness of this bracelet will turn heads everywhere you go.

Our Carnelian Pendulum Bracelet is equipped with a Tree of Life pendant charm and 9 natural gemstone beads.

The detachable Carnelian pendulum can be worn as a piece of jewelry in the bracelet or can be removed and used primarily as a hypnosis tool.


Commonly referred to as the “singing stone” Carnelian is known for boosting confidence, and self-expression, and taking immediate action. Grammy-Award winning singer/songwriter Adele says she can’t perform without her precious gemstone collection, including, the revered Carnelian stone. A magnificent healing gemstone, Carnelian has been used since the Middle Ages by marauding Vikings to help aid in the relief of stress caused from sacking villages and invading foreign lands. Carnelian stimulates the root chakra to improve peak sexual performance and boost creative instincts. On the cellular level, Carnelian has been known to purify the blood and improve circulation.

Unique to these bracelets they may also be used as a pendulum for various dowsing and divinatory tasks. These bracelets are meant to be wearable tools and the pendulum bob may be removed or left on.



Tree of Life: 3/4″

9 stone beads: 5/16 x 1 5/8″ x 3/4″

As a pendulum: 11″

As a bracelet: 8 1/2″

Metals: Pewter

Gemstone: Quartz

Made in USA

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