“Cacao God” Gallery Stretched Canvas Print


To this day, it is unknown who began experimenting with turning the beans from a cacao pod into an invigorating drink, however, there is some evidence that suggests the Olmecs of Mexico actually prepared chocolate. By the 8th century AD, the Mayan culture was carving images of a cacao pod on ceremonial bowls and the Aztecs actually believed chocolate was a gift from the Gods.

Chocolate, also known as the “Food of the Gods“, has been revered for centuries by countless cultures from all over the world as a divine substance and a gift from our great creators.

Ek Chuah, an important deity to the Mayans, is commonly referred to as theCacao God and is often depicted with cacao or a cacao tree.

This daring and delightful depiction of Ek Chuah comes from the eclectic mind of artistic phenom and Reiki Master, Ren Sarasvati.

Ren is a pioneer in the artistic world of Metaphysics and she has been transforming her vivid imagination into fantastical art and cosmic photography for years.

As a holistic healer, Ren has devoted her life to practicing and mastering various energy works including, Reiki, sound healing, Shamanic journey work, and even cacao ceremonies!!!

Share in her passion of cacao and her love for the cosmic and the supernatural by investing in her “Cacao God” Stretched Canvas Print. 

This print flows with natural Earth tones and subtle autumn shades of brown, red, and orange.

The soft balance of color and intricate design will help to moderate the decor and stabilize the feng shui in any home or office space.

Meditate, relax, and reflect in the presence of this artistic powerhouse while simultaneously transforming your space into a pleasurable palace of protection.


Height: 24 Inches

Width: 36 Inches


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