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      Music Lover Kazoos

      (61 customer reviews)

      The Kazoo is a wonderful wind instrument that has been used for centuries by thousands for it’s strange, buzzing yet uniquely, uplifting sound.

      Easy to learn, fun to play, and great for all ages. Simply put, if you can hum it you can play it. Put the wider end into your mouth and hum a song, it’s as easy as that!!!

      A kazoo is a wonderful starter instrument for children to get an early taste for understanding and experimenting with music.

      Our Music Lover Kazoos comes in 6 different colors and are made from a durable Aluminum Alloy for maximum strength and longevity.


      • Material: Aluminum Alloy
      • Size: 12cm x 2.5cm
      • Colors: Blue, Green, Red, Purple, Silver
      • Simple design, one size fits all.
      • Consists of 3 parts: body, cap, and resonator.
      • Made of high quality Aluminum alloy, sturdy, and practically unbreakable.
      $15.89 $11.90 Sold By: UnicornucopiaSelect options