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      “Cosmic Beach” Hippie Anklets

      (58 customer reviews)

      Go to the beach or go our for a night on the town in style with our “Cosmic Beach” Hippie Anklets.

      Choose from 18 precious styles, colors, and get mixing and matching today!!!

      Select from seashells, starfish, the Moon, the Sun, and stars just to name a few.

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      “Free Spirit” Earrings

      (86 customer reviews)

      Beautify your lobes with our “Free Spirit” Earrings, available in 16 spellbinding variations including: leaves, feathers, dreamcatchers, beads, and more!!!

      Select from countless styles and color combinations to easily mix and match with everything in your closet.

      Elegant, sleek, stylish, fun, and most importantly, AFFORDABLE!!!


      Amethyst Charm Anklet

      Enhance the vitality of your heart and throat chakra and give your jewelry collection a much needed bost with our lovely Amethyst Charm Anklet.

      Natural, elegant, stylish, fun, and affordable, this bracelet is a MUST HAVE in any jewelry collection.

      Harness the healing powers and countless other health and wellness benefits that comes flowing from these magnificent stones.


      • AMETHYST

        Is one of the most common crystals and is known for it’s powerful healing and protective properties. Amethyst is used by thousands to help stimulate the production of hormones, improve mental sharpness, harbor negative emotions, cleanse the blood and aura, activates the heart and throat chakras, and much much more. This amazing stone can be placed under a pillow to help improve sleep patterns and filter out bad dreams. When used in energy grids, Amethyst can direct positive energy to you or redirect negative energy away from you. They stone has been known to reduce bruising and heal diseases of the digestive tract, heart, and lungs. It has also been used in treating hearing disorders, removing parasites, and removing physical, emotional, and psychological pain.



      Tree of Life: 3/4″

      Pentacle & Triquetra: 5/8″

      9 Gemstone Beads: 5/16″

      Length: 12″

      Made in USA

      Sold By: Unicornucopia - What Dreams May ComeRead more

      Handmade “Beach Bohemian” Anklets

      (69 customer reviews)

      Frolic in the sun and accentuate your anklets with our amazing Handmade “Beach Bohemian” Anklets.

      Offered in 16 unique variations equipped with seashells, charms, beads, starfish, seahorses, and more!!!

      These anklets are the perfect gift for spring and summer and are the perfect match for all your favorite flip-flops and sandals.


      Hematite Charm Anklet

      Accentuate your ankles and defend yourself from all negative impulses with our one of a kind Hematite Charm Anklet.

      Decorated with the Tree of Life, Pentagram, the Triquetra, and 9 gorgeous Hematite beads.

      Take advantage of the healing and protective powers of this sleek and stylish, fun and affordable, piece of mystical jewelry.

      DON’T WAIT!!!

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      • Hematite

      helps the body hot eliminate stress during harmful situations and helps the body to stay grounded. Magnetic hematite has a wide variety of other positive properties including: helping to regulate the flow of blood in the body, relieving pain from cramps, spinal problems, and bones, helping the body to better absorb Iron, and acting as a moderate pain aid for people suffering from headaches caused by Anemia. It is believed to be a highly effective pain killer because it has the innate ability to maintain the charge of nerve cells. This set features the rune of the Norse Elder Futhark and a single black stone for divination purposes. Hematite aids in the positive function of the liver and the blood, gives protection against geopathetic stress and electromagnetic smog, and is a wonderful detoxifying stone. Hematite can be used in providing pain relief against countless health conditions including: addiction, smoking addiction and cessation, Anemia, Multiple Sclerosis, Menstruation and Menstrual cramps, joint and muscle pain, high blood pressure, broken bones, nose bleeds, nervous disorders, tissue health and healing, Insomnia, Kidney disorders, blood clotting, circulatory disorders, and much much more!!!



      Tree of Life 3/4”

      Pentacle & Triquetra 5/8”

      9 stone beads 5/16″

      Hematite 8 1/2″

      Metal: Pewter

      Made in USA

      $15.00 Sold By: Unicornucopia - What Dreams May ComeAdd to cart

      Seashell & Tassel Anklets

      (45 customer reviews)

      Flatter your footsies with our Seashell & Tassel Anklets, equipped with an adjustable band to fit most ankles.

      Each anklet comes with a seashell, wooden beads, a small gemstone, and a tassel.

      Choose from 6 different colors and designs and start mixing and matching today!!!

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      Materials: seashells, gemstones, wooden beads, tassel

      Size: Adjustable