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      “Zodiac Lovers” Incense Burner

      This wonderfully crafted “Zodiac Lovers” Incense Burner depicts all signs of the zodiac along with stars uniquely carved into the piece.

      Add a splash of your cosmic side to countless spaces in your sanctuary: altar, mantle, office, study, library, shelves, kitchen countertops, end tables, wall tables, etc.

      This versatile piece looks great anywhere in the home and adds a subtle touch of flavor to any, summer and winter solstice parties, hippie hours, rituals, seances, and meditational sessions you might be hosting or participating in.


      Dimensions: 1″ x 1″ 1″

      Made in USA

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      Buddha Incense Burner

      Our lovely Buddha Incense Burner has a beautiful statue of Buddha carved neatly into one end of the burner for all to clearly see.

      The burner is decorated wonderfully with intricate carvings of Lotus flowers and designs.

      A small circular cutout is situated neatly in the center for burning cones and 2 small holes are positioned on each side of the circular cutout for stick incense.

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      Silver plated brass
      Dimensions: 4″ x 2″

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      Chinese Dragon Backflow Incense Burner

      (11 customer reviews)

      This amazing backflow incense burner is made in the shape of a weeping tree branch with intricately carved roots, branches, and leaves.

      A ball for the the incense cone is attached to the top of the weeping tree by a small chain where it can hang freely.

      The ball has a complex carving of a Chinese Dragon and the base of the tree has a small platform to place small items or trinkets.

      A wonderful decor accent perfect for mantles, nightstands, end tables, cabinets, fireplaces, and more, our Chinese Dragon Backflow Incense Burner is a one of a kind MUST HAVE!!!

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      • Material: Metal Alloy
      • Height: 11.22”
      • Bottom Diameter: 4.72”
      • Ball Diameter: 2.76”
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      Classic Glass Crystal Ashtrays

      Shop our vast selection of Classic Glass Crystal Ashtrays, offered in 25 amazing styles and colors.

      Great for home and office decor and entertaining friends and guests.

      The craftsmanship in the glass and the ornate designs make these ashtrays wonderful in decorating all your favorite spaces.

      Select between classic clear glass, gorgeous floral patterns, ocean scapes, ocean life, and many more!!!


      • Dimensions: 10cm × 12cm
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      COHIBA Cigar Ashtrays

      (56 customer reviews)

      Add these fine ashtrays to your fine tobacco collection and add a splash of modern decor at the same time.

      These crafty COHIBA Cigar Ashtrays are finely crafted and come in 7 unique and stylish variations.

      All ashtrays have gold trim and are offered in white, black or yellow.

      The simple and elegant designs make these great for home furnishings and even better gift ideas.



      • Material: Ceramic
      • Color: White, Yellow, and Black
      • Size: 120mm x 68mm x 25mm
      • Weight: 138g
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      Floral Fantasy Ashtrays

      (19 customer reviews)

      Checkout these gorgeous eye catchers!!!

      These Floral Fantasy Ashtrays are inlayed with beautiful paisley and floral patterns and offered in 6 eye-popping styles and designs.

      Choose between white, blue, gold, red, and more!!!!

      The retractable lid is perfect for ash disposal and filtering out smoke and bad odors.



      • Material: Zinc Alloy
      • Weight: 418g
      • Size: 10cm x 12cm
      $35.06 $30.45 Sold By: UnicornucopiaSelect options

      Ganesh & Leaf Incense Burner

      Illuminate the dark and gloomy corners of your home and work spaces with our gaudy Ganesh and Leaf Incense Burner.

      It comes with a small statue of Ganesh at one end and a small circular cutout perfect for cones and powders.

      Enjoy filling your favorite spaces with warm and serene natural aromas that will make your guests feel right at home.


      Size: 3 3/4” x 3 1/2” x 3 1/4”

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      Handmade Wooden Incense Burners

      Beautify your living quarters and amplify your office spaces with our unique and lovely Handmade Wooden Incense Burners.

      Each handcrafted piece has it’s own unique design and style from stars to starfish to elephants and whales!!!

      Each burner is manufactured with a built-in, metal alloy, cutout for cone and pellet placement and easy ash disposal.



      Size: 2 1/2”


      Random selection

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      Lotus Brass Incense Burner

      This intricately crafted brass incense burner is surprisingly lightweight and comes standard with a ventilated lid for balanced smoke filtration and is perfectly suitable for various cones, powders, and pellets.

      Our stunning Lotus Brass Incense Burner is crafted with The lotus Flower carefully carved into the bold and elegant brass.

      The Lotus Flower has been a symbol of spiritual enlightenment and immaculate rebirth for centuries.

      These beautiful flowers have defied logic for thousands of years for their unique ability to die and regrow with the passing of the seasons completely unscathed.

      These flowers are a symbolic representation of the cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

      A wonderful home decor gift and perfect for illuminating the dark corners in your personal spaces with some gorgeous metaphysical flare.

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      Lovey Dovey Soapstone Incense Burner

      Checkout this decorative incense burner, crafted from real soapstone, and equipped with heart-shaped cutouts in the lid that function as ventilation ports.

      Our Lovey Dovey Soapstone Incense Burner is perfectly suitable for incense cones and standard incense.

      The natural look of the soapstone make these a wonderful home decor addition and will make a subtle splash in all the dimly lit corners of your home.

      Natural soapstone incense burner sculpted with various designs and hole patterns carved into the lid for proper smoke ventilation.

      A wonderful addition to any home and work space for aromatic relaxation and a sparkle of soft decor.

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      Specifications: 3″ x 1 1/2″

      Note: Random selection

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      Mini Feng Shui Incense Burners

      (103 customer reviews)
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      Modern Decor Backflow Incense Burners

      (104 customer reviews)

      Decorate your favorite spaces with a touch of modern aromatic beauty.

      Lose yourself sifting through 24 unique design options each with their own elusive style and flare.

      Relax to the rich and inviting scents and let the warm and subtle fragrances transform your home and work spaces into a meditative atmosphere of tranquility.

      Our Modern Decor Backflow Incense Burners are made from high-quality ceramic to ensure long-lasting strength and durability.


      • Material: Ceramic
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      Portable Pocket Ashtrays (Various)

      (60 customer reviews)

      Checkout our Portable Pocket Ashtrays, perfect for traveling and road trips, and small enough to tuck neatly away in your pocket.

      These pocket ashtrays come equipped with a clasp and keychain to attach securely to your keys or belt.

      These ashtrays are random selection only but we can assure you that you won’t be disappointed with any of our countless, one of a kind ashtrays.


      • Material: Cold Rolled Iron, Epoxy
      • Size: 1.97” x 0.67”
      • Weight: 30g
      $12.25 $9.80 Sold By: UnicornucopiaSelect options

      Red Stone Incense Burner

      Checkout our fashionable and affordable, one of a kind Red stone Incense Burner.

      Spoil yourself with this beautifully polished burner with simple, yet elegant designs, and patterns carved throughout.

      A wonderfully basic dish design for all forms of incense and powder fragrances.


      Dimensions: 2 1/2” x 1 1/2”

      $18.00 $10.00 Sold By: UnicornucopiaAdd to cart

      Retro Aladdin’s Lamps

      (2 customer reviews)

      HERE IT IS!!!

      The world-famous lamp from one of Disney’s favorite animated characters of all-time!!!

      Shop from 6 unique variations and colors and place it in your favorite space in your home or office.

      These exquisite lamps function wonderfully as a home accent or interior decor item, a decadent paperweight for your home or work office, and perform great as an old-fashioned incense burner.

      Our Retro Aladdin’s Lamps are a must have!!!

      GET YOURS NOW!!!


      • Crafted from exquisite white wax, this collection is hand-knotted then carefully inlaid with crystal shards by skilled craftsmen.
      • Open the hinge to reveal the beautiful, hand-painted interior.
      • Magnetic lid to ensure safe and secure closing of the box.


      • Material: aluminum alloy, white wax
      • Size: 4.72″ x 1.77″ x 2.56″
      • Weight: 84g
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      Retro Deco Sphere Ashtrays

      (1 customer review)

      Shop our vast selection of Retro Deco Sphere Ashtrays, perfect for ash disposal and home decor.

      Choose from 10 amazing variations, colors, and start decorating your house today.

      With their ornate carvings and dazzling color schemes these one of a kind ashtrays work wonders as decorative interior home accents.

      Offered in white, navy blue, baby blue, gold, silver, copper, and more!!!!


      • Size : 7cm x 10cm x 11.8cm
      • Material: Metal
      $32.93$33.58 Sold By: UnicornucopiaSelect options

      Retro Iron Ashtrays

      (1 customer review)

      Sit back, relax, and light up in style with out Retro Iron Ashtrays.

      Offered in 23 unique variations and colors to mix and match any home decor.

      Choose from an old fashioned faucet, antique trash cans with a perched bird, and more.

      These one of a kind ashtrays are also offered with different colors of varnish including blue, bronze, gold, white, and more!!!

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      $34.68 $31.14 Sold By: UnicornucopiaSelect options

      Retro Sphere Ashtrays

      (53 customer reviews)

      Give your home and office spaces a splash of warm world decor with our decorative, Retro Sphere Ashtrays.

      Select between 11 unique variations offered in silver, gold, or copper shades.

      Each ashtray is emblazoned with intricate carvings of world maps and more.

      A wonderful utilitarian design, perfect for trapping smoke and filtering odor with it’s retractable lid.

      These ashtrays look great on end tables, nightstands, and mantles.

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      • Material: Metal Alloy
      • Size: 8.5cm x 10cm
      $33.53$57.80 Sold By: UnicornucopiaSelect options

      Soapstone Incense Burner

      Checkout these amazing soapstone burners, decorated with floral carvings and manufactured with small cutouts to easily fit different cone incense and powder fragrances.

      Sprinkle these burners throughout your space adding a nice decorative touch to your favorite end tables, nightstands, countertops, dressers, mantles, and much more.

      Our Soapstone Incense Burners are small and lightweight but create a huge transformation to your atmosphere.

      Treat yourself or purchase as a gift for that extra special someone in your life.



      Size: 2”

      $18.00 $9.00 Sold By: UnicornucopiaAdd to cart

      Spiritual Brass Incense Burner

      Add a warm splash of fragrance to your home and work space with this decorative brass incense burner.

      Adorned with elegant designs and equipped with a small circular handle, vented lid, and ashtray, this unique burner is the perfect fit for all incense cones, powders, and pellets.

      Our Spritual Brass Incense Burner even has small cutouts in the shape of crosses for the ventilation ports and is tiered with 2 trays, one at the top for the incense and another tray at the base for easy ash disposal.


      $25.00 $18.00 Sold By: UnicornucopiaAdd to cart

      Tibetan Offering Hand Incense Burner

      This one of a kind Tibetan hand offering incense burner is fashioned with elaborate Lotus carvings, scroll and vine work, and a large Om symbol resting directly beneath a pair of intricately carved upturned palms.

      Our Tibetan Offering Hand Incense Burner is great for home decor and even better at uplifting your home and office spaces with relaxing and invigorating fragrances.

      These gorgeous burners are great for entertaining guests and transforming the atmosphere in all your favorite spaces!!!


      Dimensions: 4 1/2” x 1/4”

      $25.00 $15.00 Sold By: UnicornucopiaAdd to cart

      Wooden Majestic Elephant Ashtrays

      (1 customer review)

      Mystical, magical, and majestic, elephants are a revered animal in countless cultures around the world including China and India.

      Spice up your home and office decor with our Wooden Majestic Elephant Ashtrays.

      Sold in 4 unique variations including a beautifully carved elephant head and an elephant sitting atop a golden pile of treasure.

      These ashtrays are unique, elegant, and work great as an ashtray or a fanciful home decor item.


      • Dimensions: 30” x 30” x 30”
      • Material: Resin
      • Smokeless
      $40.37 $35.80 Sold By: UnicornucopiaSelect options